What LSVT LOUD Improves


LSVT LOUD improves communication by helping you speak with a voice and volume that’s easy for others to hear and understand. The treatment is built on tailored exercises that strengthen the voice box (larynx) and speech system. The main focus of the treatment is to “speak LOUD!” However, it doesn’t teach you to shout.

Instead, LSVT LOUD retrains the feedback mismatch that PD often causes, helping you develop and become comfortable with a voice that you can use without strain at a loudness you’ll know sounds normal to friends and family. Another key is working with an LSVT LOUD Certified speech-language pathologist whose professional skills and training will ensure that you improve your voice in a healthy way.

While LSVT LOUD focuses on vocal loudness, research shows the treatment can also help with other qualities that improve communication, including articulation and intonation and even facial expression.