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deverter-familyOur baby boy was born with CHARGE syndrome, which is the leading cause of deaf blindness. Colton was clinically diagnosed at 2 days old based on swallowing and breathing difficulties, severe/profound hearing loss, heart defects, ear anomalies, and colobomas in both eyes. So there were lots of concerns… here are a few; Will he communicate? Will he eat on his own without a G-tube? Will he speak? Will he be able to interact in the world?

We were in speech therapy through WA State’s Birth to 3 program and our speech therapist, who had been with us since Colton was 5 weeks old, realized that we needed more than she could provide. So she recommended for Colton, then two years old, to consult with Lorioux. Also important to note that up to age 6 months, Colton had a NG tube which was replaced via surgery with a G-tube. So before seeing Lorioux, Colton was signing and speaking a few words, but it was very challenging for anyone outside of our immediate family to understand him. He was orally eating less than an ounce of purees at each meal, and was getting very fatigued chewing and swallowing. After only 4 months in therapy with Lorioux we were able to wean Colton off the tube and he was eating 100% of his calories orally!!!! Lorioux ROCKED our world! She and Kara are treasured members of our son’s team. We will be forever indebted for the help that we have received at Clear Speech.

We met Lorioux, who completely supported a blenderized diet (real food) through the tube, and had experience weaning kiddos off the G-tube. It was soooooooooo incredible to add her to our team because of all of her vast experience with other children like my son! We started working on feeding in our first days at her therapy home, it was so comfortable and felt like a real home versus sterile hospital or clinics we had attended. Colton used Talk Tools; chewy tubes, straws and horns with Lorioux, which my son loved! He just got stronger and stronger as a result of therapy with Lorioux. Again, after only 4 months in therapy with Lorioux we had weaned Colton off the tube and he was eating 100% of his calories orally!!!

Colton is an incredible little boy with a super-infectious spirit. He LOVES music, singing, signing, reading and his puppy, Edie. Life has changed in that Colton is now eating and is saying full sentences, singing at the top of his lungs and is engaged in conversation most of the day. We are soooo grateful for all the help and love that Kara and Lorioux have showered on our son.

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