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As a parent, what were your concerns about your child prior to getting therapy at Clear Speech, Inc. What did you see in your child’s behavior that prompted you to seek help? What was life like at that time?
The only concern I had for my son was he should have started coming here a lot sooner. When he was younger his speaking was way behind and we couldn’t ever understand him. It was difficult to communicate with him.

What “wins” did you experience as a result of therapy at Clear Speech, Inc.?
My son was recommended to get his tongue tie clipped which was missed by his pediatrician. Since having the procedure done and attending his weekly sessions for over a year, his speaking has improved dramatically and his self confidence has definitely shot up. He can’t stop talking and asking questions.

How has daily life changed as a result of therapy?
I am now able to hold conversations with my son. His confidence has boosted.

What recommendations would you give another family who needed speech therapy services?
If your child has any signs of a possible speech problem, even just a little bit. Give it a try. My son looks forward to speech therapy every week. He enjoys coming here and everybody that works here is nice and seems like they love what they do.

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