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matthewandjMy son was diagnosed FTT with reflux, constipation, gastric emptying delays at about 7 months. He vomited 6-7 times a day was on an ng tube for 8 months and then put on a g­tube. He is now almost 3. For two years we lived with vomit and very little weight gain. As soon as his hunger was satiated by the tube he quit wanting to eat orally. He had learned that eating hurt and was a miserable experience. The behavior of not wanting to eat became so engrained that we feared the longer this behavior continued, the harder it would be to address later. I researched several feeding inpatient programs across the United States – many requiring in hospital stays for 6-12 week periods.
The program is 2 intense weeks of having every meal there while slowly weaning the child off the tube as his oral intake increases. This clinic is in a house setting where families can relax, play, and lead a somewhat normal life during the therapy.

Now, after completing the program, our son who was basically 99-100% g-tube fed is 100% oral!!!!!
He had his tube removed 6 months after we started the program with Lorioux.

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