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Getting Started

Create Achievable Goals

Lets observe your child together and test areas of concern. Next we will develop a plan of treatment if necessary.

Make Progress Through Work & Play

Establish a regular schedule for treatment.

How much home practice will my child need?

Like playing the piano, practice makes perfect. However, with speech sound errors, anytime you attempt communication, your errors are there and apparent to all. Pointing out each error will have the affect of over correcting your child. Being over corrected can be very discouraging, especially when you’re already trying your best.

Plan a time to play a ‘speech game’, provided by your therapist, three times per week, or let your child know in advance that you’ll correct them only on certain words. Regardless, it is always best to notice what your child is doing well, that you understand their message, and that you enjoy communicating with them more than correcting them.