We Specialize in Treating Auditory Processing Disorders With Speech Therapy

Auditory processing is the phrase used to describe the beginning point of language organization. Once a sound is heard, our brains process that sound and attach meaning to the sound. This helps create meaning for what we hear. Once we apply meaning to what we hear, the understanding of words, concepts, and ideas emerge. There are two major parts to auditory processing disorders. The first is when the ear discerns sound and determines the difference between tones. The second is what the brain does with the information as it turns from sound discrimination into language. When a child hears “ban” instead of “van” there is a problem with hearing the difference between sounds. When a child has trouble finding words to express an idea or talks in vague generalities, it’s a language processing disorder. At Clear Speech Inc, besides our English-language speech therapy in Everett, we offer speech therapy in Hindi and Spanish.