What Makes Us Different

big-outdoor-shotClear Speech Incorporated represents a new industry standard for pediatric speech and language intervention. We believe that eating and speaking are not medical events, they are acts of everyday living. Putting on a white coat and meeting in a sterile environment does not guarantee good service. We believe that speech and language develop best in a natural environment. Clear Speech Incorporated invites the whole family into the therapy process. Arriving for therapy is more like visiting at a friends house.

Children come from complex family systems. We try to honor what a child brings to the communication process and make changes that include the whole family. Because our facility looks like a neighborhood home, and the environment so closely resembles what a child is already familiar with, there is reduced anxiety regarding coming to speech. Children know how to act in a home, so we are able to get a clearer picture of how the child communicates more quickly and plan an intervention program that works. Clear Speech Incorporated practices under the trade mark of natural environment. We are the only clinic in the Pacific Northwest with this privilege.